Citroen Car Club of Tasmania


The Citroën Car Club of Tasmania, now 38 years old, is a friendly group of car enthusiasts who meet almost every month for social outings all around Australia's southern-most island state, Tasmania. The club aims to support the appreciation of Citroën motor vehicles whether old or new.

Our members have the largest group of Citroëns in Tasmania, whose cars range from the 1940s to today and include most of its famous revolutionary models. These show why Citroën is synonymous with innovation and style.

We think it is an exciting time to own or be interested in Citroën cars. New, stylish and interesting models are being released into the market, and Australia is getting more of the Citroën range than ever. Off the streets, the greatest rally driver of all time, Sebastian Loeb, has dominated the dirt in Citroën's Xsara, C4 and now the DS3. In Tasmania, more and more new Citroëns are being sold and turning heads on the streets. During Easter 2010, our club hosted the national annual get-together of Citroën enthusiasts, Cit-In, at Launceston.

If you own a Citroën, aspire to own one, or just have a love of the marque, we would welcome you to our club. Benefits of club membership include:

  • Fun events throughout Tasmania with like-minded enthusiasts
  • Club and motoring news 
  • Contacts with inter-State Citroën clubs and enthusiasts
  • Technical advice and support from your fellow members 

So, come to a Club event, and, if you like what you see, join the band of Citroën enthusiasts in Tasmania.


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Technical Information:

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Other information

Citroen Car Club of Tasmania
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