Citroen Car Club of Tasmania

Cit-In is an Annual National Event which is held all over Australia. It is where Citroen Car enthusiast's come together to showcase their cars of all ages and models and have the opportunity to connect with Citroen Car lovers.

Tasmania hosted this great event in 2024, where members across the country brought their Citroens, celebrated and had great fun. We got together, met other Citroen Car owners, caught up, made new friends, caught up with those we already knew and reminisced.

Cit-In 2024 Tasmania welcomed all Citroen Car owners who joined us for this great 3-day event.


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Cit-IN 2024 is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania.


At Cit-in 24 Grans van the charity the club was pleased to sponsor with members adding to the amount below reaching in excess of $5,005. 


Our sponsors and supporters

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About our club

The Citroën Car Club of Tasmania, now 38 years old, is a friendly group of car enthusiasts who meet almost every month for social outings all around Australia's southern-most island state, Tasmania. The club aims to support the appreciation of Citroën motor vehicles whether old or new.

Coming events

Saturday, 13 July 2024
Bastille Day Car Display
Bastille Day Lunch

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