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Citroën Sales in Tasmania

Rob Allen, 14 Jul 2018

For the first time, Citroën motorcars are to be sold in Tasmania through the Internet.

Performance Automobiles, the new dealer in Hobart for Southern Tasmania, has informed members of this Club that they will not being stocking a showroom with new cars, and that interested buyers will be required to order a car through the Citroën Australia website.

The situation appears to be a little ...

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At last, a Clear Direction for Citroën

Rob Allen, 15 Jun 2016

Twelve months ago, I wrote an opinion piece for this magazine, wondering where Citroën was headed.

Now, it seems from the latest news, the company has finally determined that Citroën (and its DS offshoot) will set a course more in line with its past history of technology development, and one that doesn't necessarily rely on playing second-fiddle to its owner's family ego, and doesn ...

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Where is Citroën Going?

Rob Allen, 3 Jul 2015

The recent changes that have created DS as a premium brand need to be followed through with premium technologies, not just styling.

When Citroën launched the modern DS series a few years ago, you could almost feel the resentment amongst long-time fans of the original, as the first two models appeared with almost no sense of the technological tour de force that accompanied the appearance of the DS19 in 1955. While the ...

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The C4 Cactus Airflow Suggests an Interesting Future for Citroën

Rob Allen, 7 Oct 2014

The new C4 Concept revealed at the 2014 Paris Motor Show indicates that low-cost doesn't necessarily mean "dull and unimaginative".

The last time I wrote about Citroën's likely future, back in May this year, I was very pessimistic about its chances of differentiating its brand, because of its adopting a "me too" strategy, with the Chinese launch of the DS–5L, and because of the then stated intention of moving ...

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Citroën Enters the Bloat Car Market in China

Rob Allen, 28 Apr 2014

The DS 6WR is billed as a China-only SUV, but is only offered with FWD and a choice of two petrol engines.

Revealed at the recent Shanghai Auto Show, Citroën has shown its China-only (for the moment) DS 6WR, which, although promoted as a SUV, is really just a tall station wagon/estate car. The DS 6WR is, in most respects, very conventional, but carries the premium (in Europe) DS appellation and ...

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The Peugeot Xantia

Rob Allen, 4 Dec 2013

Has anyone noticed the green Xantia running around Hobart, with a Peugeot badge where the chevrons used to be?

It's a nicely presented vehicle, except for the offensive signage, of course. However, the owner's action raises the issue of what a modern Citroën is, and that is a complex matter to address. Perhaps that's why he (the driver was male, so I'm making an assumption ...

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The C-range and Citroën's Branding Strategy

Rob Allen, 14 May 2013

The recent article on Citroën's branding strategy is an interesting one to ponder, and, whether or not it succeeds, it will probably make a textbook case study.

If you read the recent article, reproduced here, that gave some pointers to Citroën's branding strategy for the  future range of C vehicles, you may have been left pondering a few issues.

The first one is the contention that Citroën and Peugeot need to differentiate their offerings, to minimise ...

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A DS5 in its Natural Environment

Rob Allen, 9 May 2013 the Place de la Concorde, n'est ce pas?

You don't see many of these on the road in Paris, as yet, but this one was spotted in the wild at, of all places, the Place de la Concorde, which must double as the biggest roundabout in Europe, when it isn't being used for Quartorze Juillet or ...

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Correction to Date for AGM

Rob Allen, 9 Mar 2013

Please note that the AGM has been postponed to 14 April 2013.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the venue for the AGM is not available on the day, so the Club Executive has taken the step of postponing it until Sunday 14 April 2013. In its place, there will be a run to the Don River Railway (see Events).

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Development of our Website Continues!

Rob Allen, 4 Feb 2013

Not much more than a month old, and we're adding functionality.

Those of you who are aware of such things may have noticed a couple of subtle changes to the website since we debuted it in December 2012. Those things are designed to make navigation easier and add functionality to the site.

In the first instance, you may have noticed that ...

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