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Lasya’s New Calorie Supply System

Chris Minehan, 14 Oct 2016

Sorry it’s been so long, and there is some work not reported upon, but there we go...

Well, t’other day I noticed a pool of petrol under the car just after start up.  Knowing that we’d had the carburettor recently re-furbed, a closer look revealed that the fuel pump was leaking.  From somewhere.

Nothing for it then, and in the spirit of Lee Majors it ...

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Club AGM and Visit to Entally Lodge

Rob Allen, 7 Aug 2016

In April 2016, the Club Visited the Entally Lodge complex, near Hadspen in Northern Tasmania, where we held the AGM and inspected the display of historic vehicles that is stored there.

The cars were comparatively modest in number, but nonetheless interesting, and included the 1974 World Cup Rally winning DS23, that was driven by André Welinski, Ken Tubman and Jim Reddiex.

As you'll see, there were enough other cars of interest to satisfy the keenest afficianado of vintage and post-vintage ...

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Why are so many Citroëns stamped 12/74 on the compliance plate?

Peter Riggall, 26 Jul 2016

This is a question that is often discussed around club members, and the general consensus of opinion has been that it was due to an impending ADR (Australian Design Rules) that was due to come into force that would cause cars to have be modified.

The thought was that the importer brought in a lot of cars, particularly D Specials at the time, stockpiling them, badging them 12/74, then selling them into 1975 and maybe beyond.

I have seen nothing written to substantiate this but it seems plausible.

I was a little skeptical however ...

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Bastille Day French Car Display

Rob Allen, 20 Jul 2016

As usual, the turnout was good, and the public interested.

Darrell Delaney (above) won the Shannons award for the car you would most want in your garage, with the (?ex-Andrew Charlton) Safari.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few more photos, taken on the day, not only of our cars, but other French makes, as well. Click on the ...

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The Cit-In 2017 website is now live!

Rob Allen, 8 Jun 2016

Details of the first Tasmanian Cit-in since 2010 are now available to all-comers.

After much work on the part of the Cit-In organising Committee, particularly Alana Jones and Peter Brown, and Casey Farreell from Take Flight (our website developers), the Cit-In 2017 website in now available at  Click on the link or enter the URL in your browser, to ...

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Le Weekend French Festival at Cygnet, February

John Brennan, 4 Apr 2016

These photos are from John Brennan, and had been hanging around in the Editor's In-box for a while, so apologies to John for the tardy posting.

The photos show Chris Minehan hamming it up, French Style, near a Pug, and another of a nice Panhard. It was a good day at Le Weekend, Cygnet.

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Bauke's Thing

Bauke Meijer, 2 Mar 2016

Whatever that is, it seems he's doing it again, only this time it's not a D, so he can tell you in his own words.

Picked up this lovely B14 1927 model last weekend. It’s been in a museum for 3 years, then sat in the owner's shed for a bit over 2, with birds and rats and possums doing their dirty work on and in it.  They have chewed holes in one ...

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Mystery Solved

Bruce Culliford, 24 Feb 2016

Towards the end of 2013 it was reported that a dark green Xantia had been seen in North Hobart with a Peugeot badge covering the bonnet chevrons which was thought to be very unusual.

(I have previously seen a maroon C5 with the chevrons on the boot upside down.)

Cheryl & I attended Le Weekend at Cygnet on Sunday 14th February and after she had gone for a walk to take in the sights came back enthusing about a dark green Xantia she’d ...

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Another D Finds a New Home

Chris Minehan, 11 Feb 2016

Yet again Bauke has been busy...

His broken leg hasn’t seemed to affect the flow of blood to his brain. And, I purchased another D for my wife (really, I’m the perfect husband aren’t I?).  It’s a 1974 DS23 5 speed with air.  Now these two topics actually relate and you’ll see me get ...

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