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Why are so many Citroëns stamped 12/74 on the compliance plate?

Peter Riggall, July 26, 2016

This is a question that is often discussed around club members, and the general consensus of opinion has been that it was due to an impending ADR (Australian Design Rules) that was due to come into force that would cause cars to have be modified.

The thought was that the importer brought in a lot of cars, particularly D Specials at the time, stockpiling them, badging them 12/74, then selling them into 1975 and maybe beyond.

I have seen nothing written to substantiate this but it seems plausible.

I was a little skeptical however ...

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Citroën Parking Assist - from 1927

Rob Allen, July 26, 2016

Who needs reversing cameras and steering automation, when you can do this?

This Pathé film from 1927 shows a Citroën sedan, a B12 torpedo, modified to allow the front wheels to turn in roughly 90 degrees, that can do circle work as well as sidle into a tight parking spot.

Of course, later front-wheel drive models lacked the ability to articulate ...

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Citroën 110CV Truckette – Brute Power!!

Citroënvie Magazine, July 20, 2016

Chris Hubers, a professional 2CV restorer in The Netherlands, recently built a speed demon Truckette that he claims is the fastest duck on the road.

Chris Hubers - Citroen 110CV Truckette
Chris Hubers and 110CV Truckette images courtesy of Auto Week.

The 42 year old’s approach is less radical than the Italian folks at Team Nimik who laid a widened  2CV Truckette body over a Ferrari F355 and claim it to be the fastest 2CV.   (We wrote about that back ...

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