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Vintage Citroën rally all set to cross country from Fremantle

Hamish Hastie WA Today, 2 Aug 2018

Most people are presented with a choice in their 20s: sharpen up and get their life together, or let the good times keep rolling.

Frenchman Eric Massiet du Biest, 55, chose option B. And after 30 years, six world tours and 35 trans-continental expeditions across more than 90 countries on motorbikes and in classic cars, it's safe to say he has no regrets.

Massiet du Biest is in Perth readying for his next ...

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This Small French Tuning Shop Made Citroën 2CVs Into Race Cars

Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik, 13 Aug 2018

The Citroën 2CV is an iconic car, and famous for many things: extreme simplicity, an almost unholy ability to not roll over, and an almost lethal concentration of Frenchness. One thing it’s not really known for is being a race car.

A number of people have tried to change this, but the first one to give a real, serious attempt was a man named Jean Dagonet.

Dagonet was an ex-miller from the town of Faverolles-et-Coëmy, and began his experiments with the 2CV fairly late in life—one source lists his age as 63 when he ...

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Across Canada by 5CV

Susan Schwartz Montreal Gazette, 22 Jul 2018

A cross-Canada stroke awareness campaign behind the wheel of a vintage Citroën.

French citizen Christian Darrosé began his 78-day, 68-city, 8,000-km solo voyage in Vancouver and will end the tour in St-John's, N.L.

Christian Darrosé, a roadworthiness inspector from France who lost his mother and brother to strokes, is a man on a mission.

He is driving across Canada ...

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