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Lasya’s New High Beams

Chris Minehan, Nov. 26, 2016

Well, everyone should be concerned about the current running through high beam circuits in girls who are 40 years oldish. And, of course we were!

I had been making the shopping list in my head for everything required for a while – relays/wire/connections/fuses/fuse holders etc when I saw in a thread on Aussie Frogs a post by Babadec.  He purchased online a pre-built 90/100 amp headlight loom for H4 globes.  It ...

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News from the web

Cavalcade of Citroëns take on Yorkshire Dales climbs

Darlington and Stockton Times, Jan. 9, 2017

A CAVALCADE of small, vintage Citroën 2CVs took on some of the Yorkshire Dales most treacherous hills over the weekend.

The 80 mile rally through the dales proved an unusual sight as owners of the French-designed cars wound their way through the dales to Britain’s highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn.

The iconic vehicles were originally invented to help motorise French farmers still reliant on horses and carts in ...

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Three French Deadly Sins (Part 3)

Curbside Classic, Dec. 22, 2016

Here we go for the final installment of the French Deadly Sins. In doing these in chronological order, the juiciest Sin was left for last.

This is the story of the downfall of a giant, full of hubris and shortsightedness akin to General Motors and British Leyland: Citroën and its woeful Wankel-engined waif, the 1973-75 GS Birotor.

Rotary Death-Spiral: The Citroën GS Birotor


Citroën had no sooner consumed Panhard than it faced ...

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